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tracked tags now show the most popular posts

which means if you track a tag for new posts you actually cant see any new posts because the same popular posts are only displayed making tracking tags 100% redundant

tumblr has literally just broken an entire feature for no reason

this isn’t true though. if you open a featured tag (tattoos, education, food, animals, etc.) it’ll show you what editors have promoted. if you type in the whole url and add “everything” you can see all the posts in the tag (i.e. tumblr.com/tagged/education/everything). furthermore, if it’s NOT a featured tag, literally nothing has changed.

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    tracked tags now show the most popular posts which means if you track a tag for new posts you actually cant see any new...
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    It’s still working for me.
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    wow……., that was……,.. so real…..,..,….
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    oh boy you shown me. you truly are a real jester of the highest order